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    LifeApply™ Streamlined Electronic Applications for Life, Health & Annuities

    StoneRiver, Inc

    Contact: Ralph DeBartelo, Address: 475 14th St., Suite 600, Oakland, CA, USA, 94612, Phone: 800-943-2851 or 405-715-1695, Fax: 319-298-0091, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:

    LifeApply is StoneRiver’s newest web-based electronic application software, geared toward helping carriers address critical business drivers like decreasing time-to-issue and reducing policy acquisition costs, all in an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use package.

    While StoneRiver has been offering electronic application solutions for several years, LifeApply combines the best features and functionality found in our previous offerings with a completely redesigned look and feel. LifeApply builds upon these proven solutions and now provides carriers with the choice of a standalone e-application system or a more comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with the Life Portraits® Illustrations and LifeSuite® Automated Underwriting Systems.

    Key features:
    • Significantly improves time‐to‐market
    • Simplifies the New Business acquisition process
    • Reduces New Business acquisition expenses
    • Ensures applications received are ‘in good order’
    • Speeds New Business processing and reduces ‘not takens’