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PAS Portfolio Accounting System

State Street Global Exchange

Contact: Steve Chance, Address: 600 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, USA, 08540, Phone: (609) 987-2400, Fax: (609) 987-9320, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Remote Investment Management and Accounting in a Single System

Remote processing with the Portfolio Accounting System (PAS) puts the platform, data, tools and expertise to work for you delivering efficiencies that make you successful while realizing overall cost reduction. The most advanced system of its kind, PAS puts investment management and accounting at your fingertips in a single, fully integrated operation.

PAS supports any investment type and complex fund structure. Every day, PAS processes investment funds with more than $1 trillion in assets and computes over 2300 NAVs.

Key Features

  • Remote ASP Fund Accounting System
  • Real-time, full integrated multi-currency investment accounting system
  • Easy to use WEB based GUI front end
  • Powerful mainframe back end processing
  • Client defined rules and preferences
  • Exception based processing via PAS Alert
  • Developed for accountants by accountants
  • Online real time double entry general ledger
  • Online real time transaction records, supporting detail in local and base currencies
  • Multiple basis accounting (Book, IFRS, GAAP, TAX)
  • Extensive security type and structure definition capabilities
  • Fully automated interfaces for virtually all data input and output
  • Extensive Data warehouse - InfoQuest

Your Benefits with PAS

  • Easy and immediate implementation thanks to ASP design
  • User friendly system allows for minimal training
  • Scalability - PAS suits for small to large investment managers
  • Reduced personnel costs and system overhead
  • Integrated, efficient operating environment
  • Stay up-to-date with ongoing functional and regulatory enhancements

Integrate Information from Several Sources with PAS InfoQuest

InfoQuest, the PAS data warehousing solution, gives your enterprise wide access to data. In addition, you'll find it enhances the data retrieval process and enables the expansion of data storage in a cost-effective manner. Amongst others, you benefit from on demand, real-time refreshes and access to same day, previous day and monthly data.

Master the Problem of Market-Timing with PAS Fair Value Pricing

PAS is the first remote accounting system provider to develop an interface to FT Interactive Data's and ITG's Fair Value models. With this turnkey solution, as a PAS user, you'll be equipped to combat the problem of market timing.

Fair value models make adjustments to the closing prices of foreign securities based on information after the foreign markets close, providing a solution to the "mutual fund timing" problem. PAS, FT Interactive Data and ITG collaborated to provide PAS users a robust solution to this industry issue.

PAS applies fair value factors provided by FT Interactive Data and ITG at your request when the fund's significant event trigger is met.

Boost Your Back Office Operations with PAS Alert

When you turn to PAS Alert, you'll significantly increase the efficiencies of your back office operations. PAS Alert automates numerous checks and control procedures, and mitigates risk throughout the daily accounting cycle. Plus, it centralizes controls and keeps your funds in check.

PAS Alert maximizes the availability of client-defined rules and tolerances for daily market valuation and general ledger. It performs checks as data enters the system, then exceptions are identified and consolidated at the enterprise level, eliminating redundancy across numerous investment portfolios. Simultaneously, PAS Alert recognizes duplicate error situations so exceptions are created only once.