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PAM for Investments

State Street Global Exchange

Contact: Steve Chance, Address: 600 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, USA, 08540, Phone: (609) 987-2400, Fax: (609) 987-9320, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Unparalleled Accounting Depth Across Asset Classes and Jurisdictions

Over 370 Clients in 40+ Countries Trust in PAM's Accounting Precision

PAM for Securities is a comprehensive investment accounting and management platform that supports international accounting and reporting requirements for a diverse range of assets and portfolio types. Whether you are looking to fulfill domestic accounting needs or require accounting for multiple global jurisdictions, PAM can meet your demands.

Investment coverage ranges from basic equities to complex fixed income and derivative positions. Sophisticated investment strategies and the resulting accounting treatments can be properly reflected, including linking derivatives to underlying positions and meeting hedge accounting requirements. Moreover, PAM can be seamlessly integrated with other elements of the investment cycle to enhance the control environment and create operational efficiencies.

Key Features

  • Multiple basis accounting: local GAAP, TAX, Stat, Management, IFRS
  • Integrated sub-ledger with multiple charts of accounts
  • Multi-currency based with bifurcation of FX & Market G/L
  • Accounting across all asset classes: equities, fixed income, derivatives, structured products, options, futures, swaps, real estate investments, private placements
  • Full Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations for single or multi-class funds
  • Integrated GIPS-compliant performance measurement, attribution and analysis
  • Slice and dice your accounting data across assets classes and managers
  • Risk Management
  • Web-based reporting with user-defined dashboards
  • Bi-directional integration with leading vendors to automate the investment cycle: Bloomberg, BlackRock, StatPro® and others
  • Flexible ownership structure

Your Benefits with PAM

  • Proven accounting and controls environment
  • Extendable instrument modeling facility
  • Automated workflows
  • Accurate and consistent data
  • Flexible system deployment
  • Control operational costs

Transaction Management Excellence

  • Full trade cycle management
  • Real-time integration with trading and security master file information
  • Automated position and trade enrichment
  • Settlement instructions via OASYS integration or custodian banks
  • Transaction cross reference

Record-keeping and Valuation Accuracy

  • Yield curve pricing (swaps, private loans) next to bid/ask pricing
  • Asset & cash reconciliation
  • Multiple book values: fair value, amortized cost, hist. cost, carrying value
  • Multiple accounting frameworks: GAAP, IFRS, Tax, Stat, Management
  • Effective interest schedules for amortization and interest income
  • Impairments & reversals
  • Full bifurcation of FX & Market G/L over unrealized & realized G/L
  • Unrealized G/L through equity or P&L

Cash Management Automation

  • Real-time cash reconciliation with custodian banks
  • Automated receivables and cash accounting as well as reconciliation processes
  • Historical database of transaction reconcilements
  • User-defined tolerances per portfolio and flexible reconciliation frequency
  • On-screen exceptions
  • Flexible cash and portfolio analysis reporting

Transparency through Reporting Excellence

  • Web-based reports
  • Simple data queries or board quality reports
  • Custom reporting
  • Management dashboards
  • Analytics

Choose your Delivery Model

With ePAM, our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, clients rely on Princeton Financial Systems for technology, disaster recovery and integration management services. Princeton Financial Systems' SaaS offering leverages our world class data center and operational best practices so that you can focus on your core business activities.