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PAM for Bank Loans

State Street Global Exchange

Contact: Steve Chance, Address: 600 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, USA, 08540, Phone: (609) 987-2400, Fax: (609) 987-9320, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

A Specialized Software Application

PAM for Bank Loans automates the accounting and management of syndicated bank loans held by the institutional investor. It gives investors accurate information on their entire loan portfolio. It easily handles today's complex loan structures and its straight-through-processing capabilities enable you to track loans over their entire life cycle. 


  • Trade processing at the facility level and accruals at the contract level
  • Fees and expenses recorded
  • Multiple investors for the facility or the individual contracts
  • Multicurrency
  • Assets allocated to lines of business or business segments
  • Multiple accounting bases, includes GAAP, STAT, Tax, and Fourth accounting basis
  • Interfaces to external systems such as general ledger systems, analytic packages, asset/liability matching systems, rating agencies, and loan servicers
  • Schedule D preparation using NAIC EDF format


  • Provides ad-hoc report writing capabilities
  • Provides software developers' kit for automated and custom data extraction
  • Provides audit through complete file maintenance logs
  • Ensures data integrity through maintenance of database transaction processing
  • Can set processing restrictions per user, as well as for individual loans