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State Street Global Exchange

Contact: Steve Chance, Address: 600 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, USA, 08540, Phone: (609) 987-2400, Fax: (609) 987-9320, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

More Compliance Transparency with MIG21

Princeton Financial Systems is one of the world's foremost specialists in compliance, and MIG21 is the market-leading investment compliance and risk monitoring solution. It is the compliance system of choice for seven of the world's ten largest global custodians, as well as many asset and fund managers, insurance companies and hedge funds in all parts of the world.

MIG21 optimizes and automates pre-trade and post-trade investment compliance checking, and improves the administration of regulatory, prospectus and internal investment guidelines and resolution workflows. A flexible rules engine combined with advanced data and resolution management tools provide fully auditable controls of the investment process. Princeton Financial Systems' LawCard Service enables investment organizations to rapidly expand into new legal jurisdictions and adapt to new regulations without overheads or delay.

The cost of investment controls are significantly reduced with automated and comprehensive monitoring. The speed and efficiency of integration with enterprise-wide systems is unrivaled.


Benefits with MIG21

  • Comprehensive investment oversight and risk monitoring capabilities for all rules, transaction types and any financial instrument including derivatives, structured products, hedge funds, and funds of funds
  • Unbeaten time to market with smart and easily customizable interfaces to leading accounting systems and OMS vendors, plus sophisticated multi-source mapping technology
  • Exceptional usability. MIG21's dynamic data model allows users to freely define any asset class, index, benchmark or fund type including their corresponding attributes. Intuitive rule wizards let compliance officers define complex rules without special IT skills
  • Global compliance with the latest regulatory changes through LawCards  
  • Pre-trade compliance checking, including consideration of pending orders
  • Multi-level look through for monitoring and decomposing complex structures into their underlying instruments and constituents

Enhance Your MIG21 Solution with

  • MIG21 Data Manager for audit-proof compliance data management for MIG21. Helps to avoid checking errors caused by missing or wrong data. Allows users to add or maintain compliance data such as ratings, issuers or other information as well as to capture assets of any class
  • MIG21 Fund Validation Workflow establishes an additional fund validation process after the compliance check including automation of the according workflows
  • MIG21 Studio for centralized configuration management
  • External Data Feed Connector: improved data quality with automatic updates of compliance information (e.g. Bloomberg)
  • MIG21 Report Center: allows central report administration and automated report generation with easily configurable scheduling options
  • MIG21 Web: Web interface for easy access to global MIG21 installations. Makes it possible to view or analyze compliance results online via a Web Browser
  • LawCards with predefined rulesets for all major financial jurisdictions
  • eMIG21, Princeton Financial Systems' hosted investment compliance solution

MIG21 Key Features

  • High performance pre-trade and post-trade investment compliance checking for all transaction types and asset classes
  • Easier reporting: any type of report, from pure list to graphical analysis, can be created and distributed via a web browser
  • Comprehensive derivative support and "Look through" for Fund of Funds, derivatives, structured products and hedge fund oversight. Allows monitoring and decomposing complex structures into their underlying instruments and constituents
  • Smart Resolution Workflow Management with flexible and highly configurable workflow support for breach resolution management distributed over multiple locations and functional entities
  • Dynamic data model supporting user-defined asset classes and attributes on the fly
  • Central Rule Repository for centralized rule definition with multi investment company capability
  • Flexible interfaces for fast integration of multiple front, middle and back office systems including risk management, trading systems and user-defined data sources
  • Powerful and intuitive natural language rules engine with easy-to-use rule wizard
  • Best-of-Breed Technology providing a service oriented and memory based n-tier architecture with intelligence caching