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DVS Publisher Suite

State Street Global Exchange

Contact: Steve Chance, Address: 600 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, USA, 08540, Phone: (609) 987-2400, Fax: (609) 987-9320, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Automated Reporting Processes for the Investment Industry

Transparency with DVS Publisher Suite

Investors request increasing transparency for their fund reporting. At the same time, complexity increases due to regulatory and individual client reporting requirements, and as a consequence of the depth and quality of information required for reporting. Cost pressures and the attempt to stand out by using a professional design for the investor reporting are increasing competition.


DVS Publisher Suite meets all internal and external reporting requirements for the investment industry. It automates and controls the entire reporting value chain starting from data supply and data quality checking to production and distribution of boardroom-quality reports to your customers.

Your Benefits

  • More transparency:
    Transform complex investment data into value added information and well-structured reports
  • Higher quality:
    Automated rule-based data integrity and data quality checks
  • More efficiency:
    Compose reports using individual report objects. Encapsulate entire report sections into new report objects to optimize reuse.
  • More flexibility:
    Parameterize your reporting templates using a flexible rule set for intelligent reports
  • Save cost:
    Automate report production and distribution to your customers according to a specific time or event or for particular data
  • Increase customer retention:
    Implement your clients' report requirements flexibly and provide professional reports quickly
  • Full Audit-Trail for all data changes

A Tailor-made Toolset for More Efficiency in Reporting

DVS Fund Warehouse automates supply and quality checking of reporting data used by the DVS Publisher Suite. Publisher Designer lets you configure reports quickly and efficiently. Produce your reports automatically with Scheduler and use Delivery Service to automatically distribute reports at a certain time, when an event occurs or based on specific data.
More Efficiency in Report Generation
  • Report templates and style sheets for individual report design
  • Flexible parameterization and comprehensive rule set for intelligent reporting process control
  • Encapsulate report section into reusable report objects stored in your reporting repository
  • Repeatable report sections; change report data via Report Snapshot & Editor
  • Intuitive user interface suited for users without programming skills
One Platform for All Reporting Requirements  
  • Factsheets, investment committee reporting, internal, management and client reporting, annual reports
  • Standard and individual reporting
  • Flexible data: current and historic holdings, transactions, risk ratios, performance data, individual data etc.
  • Flexible output formats: Word, Excel, XML, PDF

Reusable Report Components  

  • Professional diagrams, performance charts and graphics, two ordinates supported
  • Tables with flexible groupings, group sums and total sums
  • Logos, headers, pictures, headers and footers
  • Multiple and different types of table of contents in one document and within one chapter supported
  • Page numbering and footnotes