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Contact: Marketing, Address: 5 Penn Plaza, 14th Floor , New York, NY, USA, 10001, Phone: (646) 731-1078, Fax: (646) 674-1392, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Majesco offers a complete range of IP Lead Product Platforms and IT Services to cater to the of the P&C, Life, Annuity and Health Industries. However, what sets Majesco apart from other similar providers is that it also ensures successful deployment of its business applications through its range of implementation services. Majesco has a broad spectrum of services to integrate, customize, configure and deploy its products and solutions which goes a long way to reduce the risk of large scale transformational projects.

Majesco’s Approach to Implementation Services

Ensuring successful deployment, not just delivery

Majesco has extensive experience in working on large-scale transformational projects, experience which ensures that not only are projects delivered within the allotted time but it also makes sure that the products and solutions meet the demands of the business.

Flexible and multiple options

Majesco delivers its product platforms through its own range of implementation services or it allows customers the flexibility to work with their existing partners.

De-risking Transformational Projects

Large transformational projects have a high degree of risk. Because of the historical "baggage" of failure stories from inside and outside the organization, many carriers hesitate to embark on complex projects, fearing the waste of their IT investments. Majesco’s products and services are designed in a manner to remove the risk of failure. Its products are configurable, customizable and come with in-built content, allowing business users to increase their involvement in making changes, helping the business respond quickly to trends and needs.