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Data Factory Tool Kit (DFTK)


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Product Description:

Migration Made Easy

Data Factory Tool Kit (DFTK)

The suite of tools that ensures your data migration project is a success

Increased flexibility within an open environment

For large-scale data migration programs to succeed, they need to follow the right methodology and require the right set of tools to analyze, design, test, schedule and carry out the transformation of data from source to target systems.

Majesco’s Factory Took Kit (DFTK) is unique in that it is the only suite of tools specifically designed and developed for data migration projects. Having the right tool for the job, together with the right people, has been key to Majesco’s rapid delivery of successful data migration projects.

With over forty man years of development invested in the software tool set, DFTK provides the technology to support the end-to-end data management Environment, covering all aspects of data processing in a data migration project. It comprises a fully integrated suite of tools that have each been developed to solve particular data management requirements. The solution lies at the heart of Majescos ability to undertake large and complex data migration projects on time, on budget and at low risk.

DFTK extends the capability of the analyst, developer and tester in designing, building, testing and implementing data migration and platform rationalization solutions. The tool kit is robust, has proven performance reliability and can deal with even the most complex of data management requirements.

What's in the DFTK Tool Kit?

DFTK consists of two groups of tools:

  • Inquire - for the analysis of data
  • Router - for the development and control of data processing routes
  • Mapper - for the recording of mappings, monitoring of mapping progress, recording of issues and generation of code
  • Data Generator - for the creation and maintenance of test data
  • Browser - for the viewing of data during its transition from source to target format

Data Processing Tools - a comprehensive set of software that is used to extract, validate, manipulate, enhance, compare, merge, audit, load and reconcile the raw data.

Increased flexibility within an open architecture

DFTK provides unique flexibility, allowing both high-level interactive configuration and lower-level optimized development. All data processing modules in DFTK have been coded in standard ANSI C which provides ultimate speed, efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of hardware and operating system environments. The took kit operates on a vast array of hardware, from mainframes to powerful UNIX boxes to desktop PCs. With its remote access facilities, a sophisticated version control and promotion capability, DFTK is tailored to allow effective use of offshore resource in development phases of a project.