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Majesco Billing


Contact: Denise Garth, Address: 412 Mt. Kemble Ave., Ste 110c, Morristown, NJ, USA, 07960, Phone: 973-461-5200, Fax: 973-605-2942, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Majesco Billing is an industry leading proven solution that helps insurance carriers improve customer service and experience and increase profitability through a flexible enterprise billing platform that provides rapid, measurable business results. It is a comprehensive billing solution offering billing, collections, disbursement services and compensation management through a single platform for individual and group. With Majesco Billing, carriers get a holistic view of the customer, reduced costs through streamlined processes and better sourcing for producers and customers. Majesco Billing supports all lines of business through an array of bill types - direct, customer account, agency statement, agency account current, wholesale, list/payroll deduction and deductible billing, among others across all lines of the insurance business including L&A, P&C and Group