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    Product Accelerator


    Contact: Info Requests CSC , Address: 200 West Cesar Chavez, Suite 100, Austin, TX, USA, 78701, Phone: 800-345-7672, Fax: 512-275-5434, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:

    CSC's Product Accelerator® allows business users to configure truly unique, market-specific products rapidly. Its ACORD open standards and service-oriented architecture allow the easy exchange of information with other systems across the enterprise or among partners in a value chain.

    Pre-loaded with the industry’s most comprehensive insurance product content, Product Accelerator allows for rapid time to market and reduces reliance on IT staff by allowing non-technical users to configure both calculations and product definitions with graphical, drag-and-drop software. Users can access templates for the industry’s most popular product types, allowing them to rapidly create new products.