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    Contact: Info Requests CSC , Address: 200 West Cesar Chavez, Suite 100, Austin, TX, USA, 78701, Phone: 800-345-7672, Fax: 512-275-5434, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:

    PerformancePlus® manages broker arrangements, agent sales channels and hierarchy complexities, as well as the full range of product offerings. It gives insurers the ability to accurately and efficiently calculate commissions, offer easy adjustment processing and provide full audit trails documenting all transactions.

    Putting the power in the hands of end users is critical, and PerformancePlus is an easy-to-use, rules-based system that functions as a single source repository of information, managed through a single touch point. This capability ensures the reliability of the data, which facilitates fact-based decision making through reporting and predictive modeling.

    PerformancePlus provides superior broker services from Web access and accurate statements to flexible payout options and online support.

    PerformancePlus works with any policy administration system, extending the life of your legacy systems and maximizing your potential. It blends the latest in technology with flexible software design, so your business requirements drive the technical configurations — not the other way around.

    With PerformancePlus, efficiency and reliability show up on your bottom line.