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    Contact: Info Requests CSC , Address: 200 West Cesar Chavez, Suite 100, Austin, TX, USA, 78701, Phone: 800-345-7672, Fax: 512-275-5434, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:

    CSC’s nbAccelerator® combines advanced technology and CSC’s industry-leading experience to improve speed and efficiency, while ensuring that insurers are writing profitable new business that supports growth objectives.

    The industry’s most complete new business software, nbAccelerator transforms life and annuity new business and underwriting operations by:

    • Streamlining the application and submission process, turning the producer’s job into a paperless, self-service process that can be completed anytime, anywhere.
    • Providing a full range of automated underwriting capabilities — from initial simplified underwriting to more complex iterative analysis. Underwriters get advanced tools for completing risk assessment tasks quickly and efficiently.
    • Automating requirement management, the most time-consuming and costly function of underwriting and new business processing. Medical and non-medical requirements are automatically determined, ordered, receipted, matched to a case and evaluated. If requirements are not received within the user’s pre-defined time frame, the system provides automatic follow-ups.
    • Creating an image-based work environment that eliminates paper and allows work to be shared across departments and processed in parallel. Work is distributed electronically according to flexible rules such as processor skill level and workload, product type, geography, priority and other parameters.