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Mortality Assessment Technology (MAT)

Product Description:

Mortality Assessment Technology (MAT) is a revolutionary scientific predictive mortality assessment tool from BioSignia. It uses a patented predictive analytics model to more accurately assess mortality risk and safely increase preferred risk categorizations using common underwriting data.

CSC and BioSignia have joined forces to make this powerful underwriting tool easily accessible for life insurance as well as reinsurance organizations. Coupling this innovative offering with CSC’s Trusted Cloud Services gets companies up and running quickly, enjoying the benefits of pay-per-use with virtually no startup costs.

In a highly competitive market, MAT facilitates underwriting excellence and gives you confidence in your ability to safely assess risks. You’ll see improvements in:

  • Risk classification
  • Pricing accuracy for each individual applicant or insured
  • Risk selection and risk avoidance capabilities
  • Pricing differentiation
  • Taken and lapse rates
  • Persistency rates.