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Insurance Optics

Product Description:

CSC's Insurance Optics® is a suite of software and consulting services for enterprise business intelligence. The portfolio of solutions is designed to help insurers gain fast and accurate insight from data to solve complex business problems, react quickly to changing market trends, improve financial exposures and drive change. Insurance Optics solutions use CSC's deep domain expertise in life insurance, annuities, pensions and property and casualty/general insurance to give you an enterprise view of your business.

The Insurance Optics suite includes focused solutions for your specific business needs:

Business Analytics

Business Analytics software for life insurance and general insurance helps you access hard-to-reach data from your insurance systems and gain real-time insight into customer and market trends. Powered by SAP BusinessObjects, CSC's Business Analytics comes pre-integrated with CSC's core insurance systems and includes numerous pre-configured reports, powerful ad hoc capabilities and interactive visual analytics. And with its open architecture, it can be easily extended to include a wide range of data elements and sources.

Through easy-to-use interactive graphics, gauges and filters, you can play out scenarios, explore potential outcomes and gain a deeper insight that can help you reach decisions faster – and you don’t have to be a technology expert or know how to construct complex queries to do so.

Business Analytics can help you:

  • Unlock the information hidden within your data
  • Discover trends and proactively address them
  • Identify performing and non-performing products, market segments and producers
  • Link measurements to strategy and drive desired results
  • Free up IT resources by empowering business users
  • Improve your current service model
  • Track key business metrics to improve your operational performance

Insurance Industry Data Model

CSC's Insurance Industry Data Model is a logical abstraction of insurance data that helps you gain a consolidated view of information from a wide variety of sources across the enterprise. It organizes, categorizes, defines and articulates the relationships between data across all lines of business and functions, regardless of currency, language or geography.

CSC's Insurance Industry Data Model addresses the industry’s need to provide enterprise data and support advanced reporting and predictive analytics. It gives you a “single version of the truth” by consolidating information from:

  • CSC core systems
  • Third-party applications
  • Financial systems
  • Reference sources
  • Historical and legacy archives
  • Other industry data.

By utilizing CSC's data model, you’ll be on your way to creating an enterprisewide data foundation that will let you more effectively manage products, distribution, risk, business efficiency and financial performance.

Financial Risk Intelligence

Financial Risk Intelligence software and services give you the integrated information infrastructure and analytical capabilities required to uncover financial risk across your enterprise. Financial Risk Intelligence combines CSC's insurance domain expertise in data management with our proprietary Insurance Industry Data Model and leading third-party financial risk modeling software.

With Financial Risk Intelligence, you can:

  • Access complex enterprisewide data quickly and reliably
  • Gain accurate insight into risk exposure
  • Proactively respond to rapidly changing conditions
  • Adhere to efficient, auditable, repeatable processes
  • Refine and potentially reduce financial reserve requirements
  • Support regulatory and compliance demands.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

CSC provides a full range of business intelligence consulting services that help insurance companies gain greater insight into product and producer effectiveness and support better analysis and decision making across your enterprise.

Our business intelligence consultants can help your company develop a roadmap to align business intelligence processes and technology with your business strategy. We've helped many of the world's leading companies adopt new models for data governance, reduce complexity while increasing security, and transform data management and data quality processes.