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Enterprise Roadmap

Product Description:

CSC's Enterprise Roadmap provides a pragmatic approach for insurers to support growth and attain new levels of effectiveness in both insurance and IT operations.

Most insurers have a vision of where they want to go, but few are able to turn that vision into reality. They are hindered by too many products, broken or complex processes, and multiple systems.

Carriers often envision an environment in which all incoming work is received electronically and then routed, tracked and managed in real time. Business rules would automate back-office tasks, allowing new products and processes to be introduced quickly — without major IT involvement. But how can these insurers achieve their vision?

Like any journey, the trip requires a good roadmap.

A Pragmatic Approach

CSC's Enterprise Roadmap examines all areas of an organization — its people, processes and technology. The Enterprise Roadmap begins by clarifying strategic goals and objectives — both business and technical — and then uses those goals to define the end state and drive change.

Unlike traditional planning efforts, CSC uses a highly collaborative approach that results in the customer "owning the plan" versus owning a study document that sits on a shelf. A CSC roadmap defines a clear plan of action founded on a thorough understanding of how the customer compares with other carriers and what they hope to accomplish.

CSC's Enterprise Roadmap takes a strategic view, allowing insurers to more effectively position themselves for growth. And unlike other consulting companies and IT providers, CSC's business process heritage is grounded by 30 years of real-world experience in the insurance industry. In recent years, CSC has helped more than 200 insurance companies transform business processes through strategic and operations consulting, mission-critical insurance software, workflow and imaging technology, and business process and IT outsourcing.

CSC provides next-generation software for all areas of the insurance enterprise — new business, incentive compensation management, claims and customer service. Thanks to years of software implementation experience, CSC can help rapidly introduce Enterprise Roadmap initiatives while minimizing risk to clients. CSC also can accurately forecast its clients' return on investment based on the results achieved by other insurance companies using CSC's software and services