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Product Description: ONE is a true SaaS-based customer engagement platform that enables enterprises to provide a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.
The ONE customer engagement platform brings the power, scalability and flexibility of the cloud and true SaaS to enterprise-class customer experience management.

ONE builds on's proven expertise in personalization, multichannel communications, and business usability to deliver a purpose built SaaS platform for customer engagement.

Engage customers and partners the way they want, when they want, how they want.

Businesses are built on relationships. Deliver a superior customer experience at every touchpoint.

•Unmatched real-time personalization across every channel.
•Clean-sheet, purpose-built platform for customer experience.
•Unique "outside-in" approach.
•Combines behavior, outcomes, experience. Know the customer so well, they never need to contact you!
Consistent customer experience across all channels and touch points

Proactively manage the customer's journey, across the proliferation of digital touch points, print, call centers, and more. And the touch points of the future.

•Maintain a consistent, intelligent conversation across touch points.
•Marry opportunity, engagement and servicing.
•Realize the full potential of back-end and front-end systems.
•Deliver the optimal content for every moment.
•Transcend enterprise silos.
Remarkable software for business users

Give back power to the business user. Manage every aspect of the customer's journey. Listen, adapt, engage, and improve. Without IT intervention.

•Business software, purpose-built to delight the business user.
•Contemporary, intuitive user interface that is easily embedded into the daily work life.
•Technology becomes transparent, relevant and empowering. Just plug it in and turn it on.
•Engage in real-time with partners and customers – with friction-free collaboration.