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Silanis E-Signatures

Product Description:

Silanis offers the most flexible electronic signature solution for business. Secure, enforceable and compliant, Silanis e-SignLive™ makes enterprise-grade e-signatures accessible to carriers and BGAs of all sizes. Whether deployed on-premises behind the firewall or used “on demand” on the cloud, e-SignLive makes it easy to sign documents online regardless of the use case, type of process or number of signers. Developed for regulated customer transactions, e-SignLive is more than just signature capture. The software manages all aspects of the online signing process, including notifications, signer authentication, tamper-proofing and more. Silanis e-SignLive supports true “anywhere, anytime” e-signing from any web-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets. It also captures the strongest electronic evidence, and sets the industry standard for easy access for playback and e-discovery purposes.

With e-SignLive, it’s easy to electronically prepare and securely sign documents over the web:

• Select documents to be e-signed
• Confirm who e-signs each document
• Define where they sign by dragging a signature block to the correct location(s) in the document
• Select the secure authentication method and send

Robust and reliable, Silanis e-SignLive E-Signatures processes hundreds of millions of insurance, banking and government e-signature transactions annually for insurance, banking and government organizations.