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OAS/VAS(TM) Variable Annuity System

Product Description:

N-tier Client/Server Variable Annuity Administration System. Complete administration of variable annuity products. Including GUI Forms, all General and Separate Accounting, Undo/Redo processing, Asset Reallocation, Dollar Cost Averaging, Interest Sweep, Required Minimum Distribution, Scheduled Partial Withdrawals, Allocation History, Financial and Non-financial History, Ad hoc Reporting and many more features.
OAS/VAS offers improved technology:
  * True n-Tier Client-Server Architecture
  * Client Choice of Database (such as Sybase 11, Oracle, SQL Server)
  * Windows NT Server (runs with Windows 95/98 or NT workstations)
  * Database Server can be either Windows NT or Unix
  * Year-2000 Compliant

OAS/VAS offers a user-friendly environment:
  * GUI Interface uses drop-down calendars, list-boxes, checkboxes, and buttons
     to readily access information and improve overall productivity
  * Menu-Driven System uses pull-down menus and graphical 'forms'/'tabs' to
     navigate overall system
  * Online Help System available

OAS/VAS offers Complete Variable Annuity Administration Functionality:
Use the Policy Set Up Function to:
  * Automatically Assign Policy Numbers
  * Assign Owners, Co-Owners, Annuitants, Co-Annuitants, Multiple
     Beneficiaries, Third Parties, and Multiple Agents and Commission Options
  * Enter Initial Premium Payment information (including Estimated Payments with
     Advanced Commission Processing)
  * Allocate Initial Premium Amount among Multiple Fixed Accounts and Investment Divisions
  * Issue Contracts
  * Centralized Name and Address storage maintains name and address information
     in one central location and automatically updates all name and address information
     associated with a specific Tax ID number throughout the system
  * Fund Listing
  * Automatic Asset Reallocation Processing
  * Dollar Cost Averaging Processing allows for multiple types: DCA, advanced DCA (allows
     higherinterest earning on fixed accounts)
  * Interest Sweep Option Processing
  * Periodic Partial Withdrawal Processing
  * Required Minimum Distribution Processing
  * Additional Premium Payment Processing
  * Transfer Processing (One-Time and Scheduled)
  * Online Quoting for Accumulation Value, Surrender Value, Partial Withdrawal
     and Death Claims
  * Disbursement Processing for Partial Withdrawal, Death Payout, PPW, RMD
  * Full Surrender Processing
  * Loan Processing
  * Premium and Distribution Suspense Processing
  * Forms/Letters Generation (Statements, Kits, etc.)
  * AUV/Interest Rate Maintenance
  * Agent Maintenance: Commission Option Assignments, Agent Financial History Records
     and Commission Data Storage
  * Support Table Maintenance for actuarial data (product, plan, percent, factor)
  * System Security, and Administration Functions

OAS/VAS offers superior accounting functionality:
  * Billing Function: Includes Check-O-Matic and Group List Bills
  * Undo/Redo Function: OAS/VAS stores a history of allocations
     enabling the user to refer back to past allocation alternatives on a specific contract
  * Commission Processing: Includes Advance, Net and Asset Based Trail Commissions
  * Interface to external management systems
  * General Accounting, Separate Accounting, and Accounting for Breakage
  * Up to 99 Investment Funds Allocations per Contract
  * Online, Real-time processing: OAS/VAS processes backdated transactions and
     corrections in an online, real-time mode allowing users to see immediate recalculations
  * Reporting Available Online
  * Financial and Non-Financial History Recording