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    FireLight® - E-Application Business Fulfillment Platform

    Insurance Technologies

    Contact: David Fenimore, EVP Engineering & CIO, Address: Two South Cascade Avenue , Suite 200 , Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 80903, Phone: 719-442-6400, Fax: 719-442-0600, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:

    FireLight® is an easy to deploy device-agnostic e-application business fulfillment platform that supports any line of business, any product for any distribution channel all within a single platform, giving the insurance industry a low cost, highly adopted electronic application solution. This flexible sales solution manages the application data collection process improving the point-of-sale effectiveness and compliance management along with expediting contract issuance with confidence. Built with cutting edge technology, FireLight simplifies the application process, condenses processing time and facilitates straight-through processing for your enterprise, resulting in more in good order applications and more time for new sales opportunities. FireLight provides built-in business intelligence, suitability, reporting capabilities, tablet support with e-signature, form layout interface and full reflexive questioning tools.


    • All Lines of Business – One Platform
    • Rapid Adoption
    • Quick to Deploy
    • Mobile with e-Signature
    • Automates Existing Sales Processes
    • Increases In Good Order Business


    • Any Line of Business,
    • Any Product, and
    • Any Distribution Channel on One Platform.