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VPAS® Platform

Infosys McCamish Systems

Contact: Satish Krishnan, Address: 6425 Powers Ferry Road, Third Floor, Atlanta, GA, USA, 30339, Phone: 800-366-0819, Fax: 770-690-1800, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

Our VPAS® Platform provides end-to-end policy administration for all life insurance product lines on one platform, life and annuity, fixed and variable, group and retail. The VPAS® Platform is a comprehensive suite of policy administration software modules that are fully integrated. In order to allow clients to address specific needs with targeted solutions, VPAS® Platform can also be componentized. The backbone of the Infosys McCamish VPAS® platform is the ease in configuration of product and business rules. VPAS® Platform has an unmatched library of supported product rules and objects allowing rapid configuration and implementation of new products at greatly reduced costs.