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VPAS(R) Benefit Plan Administration

Infosys McCamish Systems

Contact: Steve Talnose, Address: 6425 Powers Ferry Road, Third Floor, Atlanta, GA, USA, 30339, Phone: 800-366-0819, Fax: 770-690-1800, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

VPAS(R)Benefit Plan Administration provides record keeping for non-qualifed benefit plans including deferred compensation, 401(k) mirror, split dollar, SERPs and group term carve out plans.

VPAS(R) Benefit Plan Administration supports daily valuation of unfunded plans and plans funded by mutual funds, life insurance and company stock option plans.

Clients and plan sponsors using this product also may use an online capability for real time access to custom reports, client extracts and downloading forms.

Participants may use an online capability to access account data and perform financial transactions related to their accounts.
All McCamish solutions are built upon client/server computing architecture and relational database technology with a user-friendly Windows based front-end. Many of the functions are also web enabled.

This approach allows the client unlimited product attributes, system functionality and scalability, while maximizing performance and minimizing costs.

Our application architecture allows rapid development and deployment of new products, all of which accelerates rollout of new product. Utilizing "base" and "product" rules, our software reduces the need for custom modifications and regression, empowering clients to introduce new products with different funds or attributes in less time than any other environment available in the industry.

All systems interfaces are developed to allow seamless integration to the client's internal corporate systems and operations.

All systems have a base set of reports and the ability to custom design additional reports with a minimum of effort.

McCamish Systems additionally offers both Internet and Voice Response access.