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    Deferral+ (R)

    Infosys McCamish Systems

    Contact: Steve Talnose, Address: 6425 Powers Ferry Road, Third Floor, Atlanta, GA, USA, 30339, Phone: 800-366-0819, Fax: 770-690-1800, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:
    Deferral+ is an Internet "sales enabling" service which allows users to penetrate the untapped deferred compensation market. Deferral+ can increase the total annual assets gathered by as much as 25% when implemented with a 401k plan.
    Deferral+ can reduce the implementation cycle of a deferral plan to 30 days or less. Deferral+ provides front office services such as web-based marketing and sales support, prospect qualification, individual/corporate financial analysis, online document production and online enrollment.