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OPUS- One Point Unified System

Product Description:

OPUS is a system of modules that unifies every step of the sales process.  The base system includes built-in modules for administration, client data capture, financial worksheets, handy financial calculators and a useful resource center, as well as links to the add-on modules – Needs, Concepts, Illustrations and E-Forms.

The base platform allows users to manage all aspects of their sales process via one user-friendly interface.  Data is captured once and populated throughout the system in each of the other modules.

OPUS is built on an open, standard technology that allows for a shared, collaborative workflow and development in partnership to build solutions that are tailored for different needs. OPUS is a configurable product that lets you create custom point-of-service solutions for advisors, providing them the tools to build fruitful relationships. Designed around our True Engine ArchitectureTM and innovative SmartFileTM technology, OPUS offers the industry’s most flexible and efficient solution to meet the technology demands of today and provide a clear path for tomorrows technology advances. 

With OPUS at their fingertips, advisors can make the sale far faster and easier than ever before.

Base Functionality
  • Administration   
  • Client Data Capture    
  • Resource Center   
  • Financial Calculators   
  • Financial Worksheets


  • Configurable by the user so the look of the page and access to features, functions and products are set based on personal preference.
  • User access authorization can be designated to whatever level of user is deemed appropriate.
  • Calculators enable advisors to provide their clients with simple graphical displays of key calculations – such as mortgage payments and investment growth under various scenario assumptions.
  • Moving between modules in the system is effortless.
  • Present a variety of options to clients quickly and easily.
  • Sale on the value offered over the life of the product vs price with the OPUS on-screen product slider.
  • Quickly close the sale without costly delays by utilizing straight through processing with electronic submission of applications.
  • Offers on-demand multilingual support.


  • Become very comfortable with the look, feel and functionality of your own software.
  • Put user authorization in the hands of the right people.
  • Single point of data entry regardless of where it is entered in the system.
  • OPUS True Engine Architecture offers true technology and device independence.
  • Product IP (intellectual property) is protected and isolated through our SmartFile technology.
  • N-Tiered Architecture to support true scaling of the application.
  • Offers both a connected and disconnected option, as well as a mobile quoting to ensure you reach your advisor where they prefer to work.
  • Completely customizable solutions without sacrificing Speed to Market through the use of OPUS Home Office Tools
  • Easily integrated with in-house and 3rd party solutions via ACORD standards.

Add-On Modules

 NEEDS -Bridging the client needs and resources gap.   

 CONCEPTS - Preserve and enhance client wealth. 

 ILLUSTRATIONS- Provide a variety of insurance solutions. 

 E-FORMS- No More Paper–Straight through Processing   


Helps advisors to define specific risks to their clients’ financial security in the event of a known or anticipated life event. The intuitive process allows clients to clearly articulate their financial goals, and to identify all available resources. Advisors can easily move clients towards the purchase of appropriate insurance or wealth products to meet the need upon highlighting any shortfalls.


Provides the advisor with tools to illustrate the use of financial products to generate and protect personal and business wealth. Concepts paint a picture for the client of a financial problem or opportunity, which they may not realize they have. The individual modules within OPUS CONCEPTS produce and compare multiple solutions to these financial situations thus enabling the advisor to easily recommend which product option best fits the clients’ circumstance.


Is a flexible and intuitive quoting system that is capable of illustrating all life, health and wealth products. Compliant, easy-to read reports can be displayed, e-mailed or printed for client review. Data moves seamlessly throughout the system eliminating the need to re-enter information that has already been captured elsewhere. OPUS ILLUSTRATIONS pushes the relevant data to E-Forms so that electronic application forms can be accurately generated and electronically transmitted straight through to carrier head office.


Makes manual processing a thing of the past. With the seamless integration of data from other modules in OPUS, pre-populated electronic forms are quickly and easily completed for client signature. With intelligent questioning logic built into the software, advisors can walk their clients through the completion of any form. Once completed, an electronic signature can be captured. The form can then be submitted to the distributor and carrier instantaneously with greatly reduced chances for errors in processing. No paper. No couriers. No re-entry of data.