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IBM GIAS Individual Web Portal (Genelco LifeView®)

Concentrix Insurance Solutions

Contact: Sales Support, Address: 325 McDonnell Blvd., Mail Code: 1550 , Hazelwood, MO, USA, 63042-2513, Phone: 800-983-8114, Fax: (314) 252-4336, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

A powerful front-end J2EE Web Portal that integrates to any administration system including IBM Genelco Insurance Administration Solution (IBM GIAS) to enhance service levels and support policy service functions. IBM GIAS Web Portal allows policy owners to not only view a policy contract, cash values, loan and lien information, and benefits but also conduct transactions 24/7. The portal gives producers electronic access to important product information, rules and regulations, forms and applications and commission information. Meanwhile appropriate home office staff can view the status of a policy and information on clients. Data is housed in a reference library called the Resource Center. Customers can view data in the language of their choice to further enhance customer service capabilities and serve the needs of special ethnic markets.
· Enables continuous, 24/7 access for viewing policy information
· Changes made to policies in the administration system are available to Genelco LifeView users in real time
· Producers have access to:
o Forms and information in the Resource Center
o Policy data is based on producer hierarchy
o Pending applications
o Status of underwriting requirements
o Comprehensive policy search capability
· Policy Owners have access to:
o Forms and information in the Resource Center
o Policies they own
o Product information
· Customer Service Reps and Underwriters have access to:
o Forms and information in the Resource Center
o Any policy they might need to review
o Comprehensive policy search capability
· Designated users have policy search capabilities appropriate to their access.
· Team Compass™ keeps work flow on track
o Allows messages to be tagged to polices at task completion
o Identifies and alerts producers/administrators of work in the queue
o Provides user customization and branding, security, online help and multilingual and international support.