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BMS® for Group Life, Health and Dental Insurance

Product Description:

Functionality: The Benefits Management Software (“BMS”) is a comprehensive suite of modules designed to provide a one-stop management of the Group insurance business of an insurer and includes life, health, dental and disability insurance. It handles client information, administration, billings, claims, underwriting, quotes, renewals, client web access and policy issues. More importantly it allows processing of information for your clients that will result in better information and management of their claims experience. This allows you to provide not only superior service but also better products in a timely manner.

Vendor: 6881823 Canada Ltd. (wholly owned by Equitable Life of Canada)
Features and benefits:

  • User friendly and real time information for your clients
  • Modular and scalable meaning that it grows with your business
  • Efficient because it integrates administration with sales and claims so that you have only one system
  • State of the art technology as it incorporates the best and latest of web and design technology
  • Customizable and Flexible