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    DOCSNET - STD Claims

    Benefit Resource Management

    Contact: Sales Support, Address: PO Box 25879 , Greenville, SC, USA, 29616, Phone: 864-268-4955, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:
    DOCSNET® (Disability and Life Operational Control for Network Computing) is the third generation of the DOCS® claim management product line, which supports LTD, STD, IDI, LTC, CI and LIFE (Group & Individual). DOCSNET® combines a business-oriented claim workflow with e-processing technologies to accommodate large corporate enterprises and independent claim operations. It is engineered in a multi-tier architecture, utilizing the latest advances in distributed processing and industry standard communications (COM+, XML messages and ADO connectivity). Technical features include multiple front-end interfaces including Web and Windows; independent data storage in either an Oracle or MS-SQL Server database; back-end legacy integration; and Internet portals for Policy Inquiry, Claim Intake and Eligibility Uploads. The software features plan descriptions, on-line help, on-line history, user maintainable tables, automatic calculations, case management interface, and both Q&A and industrial level report writing.
    DOCSNET® is a comprehensive and economical solution to Short Term Disability claim management that is fluid to use and easy to learn and is offered in a wide variety of support packages.

    Policy Plan Design Module
        Coverage Audit Trails
    Eligibility Detail
        Claimant Identity Protection (SSN/SIN optional)
        Historical Eligibility Retention
    Claim Processing
        Description of Loss
        Historical Summary Retention
        Offsets Manager for Other Sources of Income*
        Alerts, Coverage Edits, and Warnings
        On-line History
        Chronological Summary
        Payment Diary
        Automatic Adjudication*
    Automatic Calculations
        Payment Amounts
        Max Duration
        FICA and other Taxes
        ALL Sources Integration*
        Minimum Benefit*
        Tiered and Aggregated Benefits*
        COLA Benefits*
        Rehab Benefits*
        Reserves Module*
        Reinsurance Calculation and Billing Modules*
        ASO Calculation and Billing Modules*
        Variable Payment Mode (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc.)*
        Multiple Output Formats
        PATRIOT Act Tools
        Adjustment Wizard
        Multiple Payees
        Direct Deposit
        Unattended Processing
        Explanation of Benefits
        Letter and Forms Module
        Zip+4 Address Validation
        International Correspondence (English, French and Spanish)
        Standard and Custom Reports
        Output Scheduler
    Document Imaging
    Case Management
        Mail Documents
        Telephone Notes and Alert
        Social Security*
        Other Income*
        Time Tracking
        Activity Diary
    User Customizable Features
        Lookup Tables
        Benefit Transaction Rules
        Claim Process Checklist
        Policy Reference Fields
        Coverage Reference Fields
        Certificate Reference Fields
        Claim Reference Fields
        Desktop Application Links
        Online Training Guide
    System Features
        Real Time Processing
        Consistent Look and Feel in all claim types.
        View multiple Screens (Claim, Policy, Activity etc)
        Online Help Guide
        Multi-Level Security
        Integrated Database Auditing
    Data Transfer Tools
        Import / Export via Flat File
        Interface via Data-Link
        Electronic Vendor Interchange
    Internet Capabilities
        Claim Intake
        Policy Inquiry
        Eligibility Uploads
    Vendor Payments Module
    Remote Claim Entry*

    * Not available in all product lines. See our website for by-line product descriptions.