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    Andesa Reporting (DataMart, Flex Report Writer, Policy Snapshot)

    Andesa Services

    Contact: Robert Ridinger, Address: 6575 Snowdrift Road , Suite 108 , Allentown, PA, USA, 18106, Phone: 610-821-8980, Fax: 610-433-4733, Email:, Website:
    Product Description:

    Policy and Case Reporting  

    Through the use of a centralized policy data warehouse, internet-based case and policy level reporting is available through Andesa’s DataMart (DM). This service provides a series of standard reports that can been selected on-line and exported in either PDF or Excel format.

    Ad Hoc Reporting

    Recognizing that reporting needs cannot always be met through the use of a static suite of standard reports, Andesa provides an additional internet-based reporting service called Flex Report Writer (FRW), which provides simple ad-hoc report generation capability.

    Policy Inquiry

    Andesa’s Policy Snapshot (PSS) is an internet-based service that provides the ability to view individual policy-level detail, including financial transaction history. This includes monthaversary charges, premiums, withdrawals, loans, transfers, etc.