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ALIP Payout Administration

Accenture Life and Annuity Software

Contact: Nancy Bass, Accenture Software Sales and Client Management Lead, Address: 5 Spring Street, Murray Hill, NJ, USA, 07974, Email:, Website:

Product Description:

ALIP allows access to consolidated policy, product, and customer infomration, thereby improving the insurer's operational efficiencies and customer service ratings.

ALIP Payout Administration provides robust payout processing functionality for the retirement market. The system supports variable and fixed payout prodcuts, including immediate annuities, structured settlements, settlement options and supplementary contracts. In addition, our software has the functionality to support annuuity payment definition, multiple payment streams, advanced payout features, transactions and flexible charges. ALIP Policy Adminstration supports the accumulation and payout phase of all annuity types. ALIP Payout provides the payout functionality for carriers who do not require an accumulation system.

ALIP is a fully integrated life and annuity software solution that addresses all of the basic steps in the policy life cycle. Our software can be implemented as a complete solution using the pre integrated systems or as standalone systems such as Illustrations, Electronic Applications, Underwriting, Policy Administration and Payout.

Our life and annuity software is a robust, configurable and scalable solution that provides life insurance and annuity carriers the ability to automate operational support across the full policy lifecycle. The solution integrates easily with existing systems, thereby providing straight-through processing.