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Now you can find products and services that fit the technology needs of the life insurance and financial services industry here on our home page. LOMA’s Technology Directory includes software and hardware products as well as consulting and outsourcing services.

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Rudd and Wisdom Software

QL.Admin – a leading Policy Administration System for small-to-medium carriers and fraternal organizations offering traditional insurance life, health...

Chris McCaul, F.S.A, M.A.A.A.
Address: 9500 Arboretum Blvd., Ste. 200, Austin, TX, USA, 78759
Phone: 512-346-1590
Fax: 512-345-7437
Email: info@ruddwisdomsoftware.com
Press Release: http://ruddwisdomsoftware.com/rudd-and-wisdom-platinum-sponsor-for-the-fraternal-allicance-of-texas-meeting/

QL.Admin Policy Administration System
QL.Admin | Health Claims Adjudication Module
QL.Admin | Reinsurance Module
QL.Admin | Agent and Client Online Portals

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