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Now you can find products and services that fit the technology needs of the life insurance and financial services industry here on our home page. LOMA’s Technology Directory includes software and hardware products as well as consulting and outsourcing services.

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se² offers a full range of end-to-end business processing, hosted solutions and consulting services tailored for life and annuity insurance companies.

Tom Spencer
Address: 5801 SW 6th Avenue, Topeka, KS, USA, 66636-0001
Phone: 785-438-3350
Fax: 785-368-1778
Email: Tom.Spencer@se2.com
Press Release: www.se2.com/news-plus-events/news-storiesreleases.aspx

end-to-end administration solution
agency licensing & commissions
directdoc (mailroom, imaging & lockbox)
403(b)connect (403(b) plan management)
pricing & trading (fund valuation & performance)
broker communication
consulting services