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Identity verification and authentication

LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Insurance

Help verify critical identity information

Bring the power and uniqueness of LexisNexis® Instant Authenticate to your knowledge based authentication process. In both online and in-person transactions, the threat of identity fraud is very real. LexisNexis Instant Authenticate is remote real-time, interactive technology that provides further verification that a customer is who he/she claims to be — making authorization or access privileges simple, swift and more secure. Using more robust data sources (not just wallet-based or financial history information), LexisNexis Instant Authenticate generates an interactive, multiple-choice knowledge-based questionnaire, using more than thirty (30) years of unique identifiers, such as property, telephone and address history.

LexisNexis delivers the data you need and provides cutting-edge analytics, automated decision making, fraud detection, and predictive modeling solutions that can impact the speed and quality of decisions, as well as your profitability. Our solutions support life insurers through every step of the policy life cycle. LexisNexis provides essential data and analytics in real-time to help life insurers speed the underwriting process and enhance the customer experience throughout the policy lifecycle.


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