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Deceased and unclaimed property searches

LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Insurance

Identify deceased insureds and find beneficiaries faster—with less follow-up research.

Unclaimed Property services from LexisNexis help life insurance carriers identify deceased insureds or account holders, and locate potential beneficiaries more quickly and efficiently.

Enhance your life insurance benefits administration process with comprehensive, accurate data that minimizes extra work and improves data integrity.

Find people faster: With minimal information, find and validate deceased insureds and their beneficiaries—faster than ever.

Minimize follow-up research: Our patented search algorithms and unparalleled data sources enable us to minimize false positives, reducing the follow-up research needed.

Make more informed decisions: Gain clarity in the strength of data matches with our match codes and confidence scores for specific data fields.

Improve the customer experience with faster policy payments: Locate and pay beneficiaries faster with information on up to six first-degree relatives and associates of the deceased insureds.

Comply with regulatory requirements: Our patented advanced data linking technology uses exact and fuzzy matching logic to meet deceased search matching criteria required by New York state regulations.

Get it now: For more information about Unclaimed Property services from LexisNexis®, call 800.869.0751.


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