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Accenture Software for Life and Annuity

Accenture offers the most advanced way to communicate with consumers. SmartVideo enhances traditional communication methods with relevant and engaging ‘welcome’ experiences at various points during the new customer onboarding period. Facilitating personalized customer communication throughout the onboarding process with SmartVideo is more helpful to customers than mass communication tactics. It enables more targeted calls to action, and is measured and optimized for results. SmartVideos are designed to deflect contact center calls and the costs associated with them, increase customer retention, and foster brand loyalty.

When combined with ALIP, carriers have a way to communicate with their customers throughout the customer engagement life cycle—from quotations and onboarding communications to payouts—using personalized client and policy data to generate customized smart video communications on demand.

Designed as a Software-as-a-Service offering, this solution utilizes existing communication channels anytime, anywhere and can be integrated seamlessly into your private or public Cloud environment.


Nancy Bass, Accenture Software Sales and Client Care Lead

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