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ALIP Illustrations

Accenture Software for Life and Annuity

ALIP Illustrations provides a Web-based architecture and integration with a product engine that allows producers and agents to provide quotes quickly, anytime and from anywhere. Similarily, access to the business rules engine enables quick, accurate illustrations for life insurnace products.

ALIP is a fully integrated life and annuity software solution that addresses all of the basic steps in the policy life cycle. Our software can be implemented as a complete solution using the pre integrated systems or as standalone systems such as Illustrations, Electronic Applications, Underwriting, Policy Administration and Payout.

Our life and annuity software is a robust, configurable and scalable solution that provides life insurance and annuity carriers the ability to automate operational support across the full policy lifecycle. The solution integrates easily with existing systems, thereby providing straight-through processing.


Nancy Bass, Accenture Software Sales and Client Care Lead

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Murray Hill, NJ 07974 USA

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