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How does your company deal with risk?

In order to evaluate risks, accept or decline applications, and determine appropriate premiums, underwriters must first understand the fundamentals of your business — and their knowledge is essential to the success of your company.

Your underwriters are also called on to interact effectively with agents and deliver results within a timely manner…but are they fully prepared for the challenges of their positions? Can you afford not to be sure?

LOMA offers a consultative approach to underwriting training — our experts will partner with you to develop a comprehensive learning and development plan that reflects your company’s unique needs. Whether you are looking to improve product knowledge, decision making abilities or communication skills, LOMA will help increase employee productivity and performance.

View a sample Customized Learning Path for Underwriting

Contact us to find out how LOMA can develop customized learning solutions to ignite the potential within your employees and enhance your company’s bottom line.