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Because we are dedicated to the success of insurance and financial services companies, you can be confident that our tests effectively evaluate crucial skills and key competencies required for the job now — and in the future.

Assessment for Entry Level

New entry-level professionals and support staff require specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics to succeed. With the help of our Entry Level employment test, you can identify the best candidates for a wide range of positions, including general administration, customer service, insurance underwriting, and claims.

Each candidate report provides you with an overall rating, as well as separate evaluations of the applicant’s cognitive and soft skills such as:

  • Work commitment
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Adaptability
  • Following policies and procedures

Entry Level can help you deliver bottom-line results in these challenging times. Improved hiring decisions helped one top-five insurance company save more than $1 million in claims processing. Other clients have reduced turnover up to 33%, slashing their hiring, training, and administrative costs. Our assessment experts can help your company reap the rewards of improved hiring.

Assessment for Managers

ASSET is a unique assessment test that will help you identify and develop frontline leaders for your organization. By collecting information about candidates’ work history and measuring their situation management and decision effectiveness, the test allows you to quickly understand their ability to:

  • Provide leadership
  • Understand and value employee participation
  • Handle employee problems
  • Analyze problems
  • Plan and organize
  • Build relationships with other managers, including their supervisor

You can also receive ratings of their work habits, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills. ASSET can help companies improve performance, morale, and efficiency by having the most effective supervisors in place.

We also offer employee opinion surveys, exit interviews, and compensation surveys to help you identify organizational strengths and weaknesses — and create strategic action plans that boost your competitive advantage.