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Contact Centers


Effectively evaluate call center and customer service representatives while screening out unqualified candidates. Measure their skills, analyze their personality styles, and obtain a better understanding of the people who apply for positions within your company.

  • Identify people who have the skills needed to succeed
  • Select candidates who can effectively build client relationships
  • Determine soft skills such as work commitment, adaptability
  • Find candidates that match your company’s unique culture


Identify applicants who can succeed in your call centers

REPeValuator is a job simulation that predicts call center job performance. Candidates assume the role of a call center rep and encounter a variety of situations — from simple to complicated — and a variety of simulated customers that are concise or confused, cheerful or angry.
Using this test will help you:

  • Select applicants who can efficiently and effectively build client relationships
  • Reduce training time and hiring costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Hire applicants who can cross-sell and up-sell

REPeValuator integrates with most applicant tracking systems, including Taleo. For example, you can pass information securely from Taleo to the assessment, and, after the test is completed, candidate control can be returned to Taleo if needed. Test results can be securely transferred in real time or in batch transmissions.

Service Index™

Hire applicants who are suited for service

Working in a contact center isn't for everyone. Successful agents need to have an extraordinary blend of interpersonal skills and tolerance to thrive in a call center. With the help of Service Index, you can hire more effective reps, reduce staff turnover, lower your operating costs — and have happier customers.

Service Index will help you hire people who match the unique aspects of a call center job by identifying applicants who:

  • Have the desire to help people
  • Prefer a structured job
  • Want to work in a fast-paced environment

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