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Destruction of Pensions and Social Security Examined at the Retirement Industry Conference

Atlanta, GA / Schaumburg, IL / Windsor, CT-Wednesday, March 07, 2007-Federal rulings intended to protect defined benefit pensions have actually had the opposite effect. Today, such plans have essentially been destroyed and supplanted by defined contribution products. Uncertainties surrounding the solvency of Social Security have also changed the retirement landscape, leaving workers confused and unclear about suitable options.

These topics will be discussed at the Retirement Industry Conference, April 18-20, 2007 in Atlanta, GA. The conference will also offer numerous sessions covering trends in variable annuity product design and distribution, underlying sub-accounts, electronic and paper-free processing and more.

Sponsored by LIMRA, LOMA, and Society of Actuaries, The Retirement Industry Conference offers insight on annuities, retirement plans and retirement income. For more information, visit

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