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Short Online Courses

Industry and Technical Knowledge — Packaged to Fit Your Needs


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Our e-learning library features a vast array of online courses on various topics relating to insurance and financial services. LOMA offers new, short (less than one hour!) courses on life insurance, products, operations and annuities that meet the needs of those new to the industry.

Flexible and Convenient

Learn at your own pace with 24/7 on-demand access to our courses. No matter where you are, if you have Internet access, you can log in and learn!


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Reinforce your understanding of the content through a variety of activities and demonstrations. Measure your learning quickly and effectively through online quizzes and tests that provide instant feedback to keep you on track.

Course Collections

These series of four to six short online courses focus on specific products and operational topics.

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Soft Skills

Complement your industry and technical knowledge with innovative soft skills courses that will help build stronger business acumen and enhance your professionalism. Whether you are looking to improve your communication, leadership or project management skills, we have the courses that will help you propel your career to the next level.

So whether you need training in financial services products, company operations, communication skills or a host of other subjects, LOMA offers ready-to-use content that will help you boost your productivity, performance and success within your organization.