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FSRI Credit

Credit Granted for Existing LOMA Courses in the New FSRI Program

  • The following LOMA course credit will be available to students indefinitely without restrictions.
  • Students who have the FFSI, AAPA, or FLMI will receive credit for SRI 220: Strategic Marketing and Business Acquisition as soon as this course becomes available.
FFSI AAPA FLMI New Retirement Designation Course Credit
LOMA 286AAPA 273NoneSRI 111: Retirement Marketplace
NoneNoneNoneSRI 121: Retirement Savings and Investments
LOMA 305NoneNoneSRI 131: Planning for a Secure Retirement
NoneNoneNoneSRI 210: Successful Retirement Outcomes
DesignationDesignationDesignationSRI 220: Retirement Marketing and Business Acquisition
NoneNoneNoneSRI 230: Retirement Administration 
NoneNoneNoneSRI 500: Transforming Retirement Security

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