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FFSI Level I

Financial Services Fundamentals

Available in: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English


LOMA's FFSI Level 1 Certificate provides need-to-know information about the financial services industry so employees quickly gain confidence, serve the customer effectively, and contribute to company success.


  • The Life and Health Insurance Industry
  • Regulation of the Insurance Industry
  • Introduction to Risk and Insurance
  • Meeting Needs for Life Insurance
  • The Insurance Policy
  • Pricing Life Insurance
  • Individual Life Coverages and Supplementary Benefits
  • Policy Provisions and Policy Ownership Rights
  • Life Insurance Policy Beneficiaries
  • Paying Life Insurance Policy Proceeds
  • Principles of Group Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Annuities and Individual Retirement Products
  • Group Pension and Retirement Savings Plans
  • Medical Expense and Disability Income Insurance
  • Traditional Group and Individual Health Policies
  • Managed Care Plans Regulation of Health Insurance
  • Insurance Company Organization and Operations
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Control
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information and Technology
  • Financial Management Accounting, Treasury Operations, and Auditing
  • Investment Management
  • Marketing Activities and Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Product Distribution
  • Underwriting and New Business Processing
  • Claim and Annuity Benefit Administration
  • Customer Service


Learners must complete two required courses to earn the FFSI Level 1 Certificate.

LOMA 286 — Principles of Financial Services and Products

The major categories of financial services — cash management, credit, asset protection, asset accumulation and management, and asset distribution — form the framework for LOMA 286, which surveys banking, insurance, and investment products.

LOMA 305 — Personal Financial Planning

LOMA 305 provides an understanding of the concepts, decision-making tools, and applications involved in personal financial planning.


Level 1: Certificate
Required courses
Learners must complete three required courses
to earn the Certificate.
SRI 111SRI 121SRI 131
Retirement MarketplaceRetirement Savings and InvestmentsPlanning for a Secure Retirement
in 2013
in 2014
in 2014
Level I: LOMA awards a personalized certificate to learners upon successful completion of SRI 111, SRI 121, and SRI 131.

Course Credit Notes

Learners who have credit for the other LOMA courses below automatically receive credit for the applicable retirement-program course shown.

Retirement program courseExisting course
SRI 111 — Retirement MarketplaceLOMA 286 or AAPA 273
SRI 131 — Planning for a Secure RetirementLOMA 305
  • LOMA 286, LOMA 305, and AAPA 273 will be offered only until the end of 2014.
  • The FFSI and AAPA designations will be awarded only until the end of 2015.