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Associate, Customer Service — Annuities Track

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The financial services industry is constantly changing, but one thing remains constant—customers expect more from your company. They want accurate answers that they can trust from you.

With LOMA’s Associate, Customer Service™ (ACS®) Program you can be prepared to meet these new demands. The ACS Program has been designed specifically to help you:

  • Increase your knowledge of financial services
  • Understand customer expectations, patterns, and behavior
  • Organize an effective customer service team


  • Customer Service
  • Annuities
  • Marketing and Business Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Operations and Administration


Learners must complete three required courses and two electives to earn the ACS designation.

ACS 100 — Foundations of Customer Service

ACS 100 provides a comprehensive introduction to customer service in a financial services environment. The course explores the knowledge and skills employees need to understand and deliver exceptional customer service.

ACS 101 — Customer Service for Insurance Professionals

ACS 101 is an online course that uses a variety of media to provide a comprehensive overview of the role of customer service in insurance and financial services organizations and the skills service providers need to deliver exceptional customer service.

AAPA 283 — Marketing, Distribution, and Uses of Annuities

AAPA 283 examines the current market for and uses of annuities. It also describes how annuities are developed, priced, distributed, promoted, and regulated in the United States.

AAPA 303 — Annuity Systems and Administration

AAPA 303 describes the tasks involved in annuity administration and the various internal, regulatory, and market factors that affect these tasks. In addition, the course discusses the important role of information technology in annuity administration.

LOMA 311 — Business Law for Financial Services Professionals

LOMA 311 presents the basic features and principles of the legal environment in which financial services companies around the world operate.

LOMA 335 — Operational Excellence in Financial Services

LOMA 335 presents financial services from the perspective of a company's operations management. This course focuses on practical techniques to accomplish the everyday tasks of providing financial services as efficiently as possible.

LOMA 357 — Institutional Investing: Principles and Practice

LOMA 357 provides an understanding of the investment regulatory environment and investing for life insurance companies and similar institutions. It covers investment types, returns, risks, performance, strategies for institutional investors, and fund options for retirement and other products.

AIRC 411 — The Regulatory Environment for Life Insurance

AIRC 411 discusses the compliance function in a life insurance company and how the state and federal governments regulate life insurance companies operating in the United States.


Required ACS coursesElective ACS courses — select two
Learners must complete three required courses and two electives to earn the ACS designation.
Customer ServiceAnnuity Principles and ProductsAnnuity Systems and AdministrationMarketing AnnuitiesManagementInvestmentsCompliance/ Law
ACS 100
ACS 101
AAPA 273AAPA 303AAPA 283LOMA 335LOMA 357AIRC 411
LOMA 311

Course Credit Notes

Learners who have credit for the discontinued courses below automatically receive ACS credit for the applicable course category shown.

Customer Service program categoryDiscontinued course
ManagementLOMA 330
InvestmentsLOMA 340 or LOMA 356
Compliance/LawLOMA 310, LOMA 315,
or AIRC 410
  • The ACS — Annuities track will be offered only through the end of 2015.
  • AAPA 273 is no longer available.
  • AAPA 283 and AAPA 303 will be offered only through the end of 2015.

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