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Strategic Twitter

Course Type: Short Online Course
Topics: Marketing & Business Acquisition, Social Media
Language: English


For many of the 300 million users perusing the 500 million tweets created each day, Twitter has become an essential source of news, and a way to share instant feedback with companies and brands. Are you ready to jump in?

In Strategic Twitter, you’ll learn how to leverage Twitter to advance your marketing goals. You’ll find out how to develop compelling content and grow your audience of customers, prospects and influencers.

This practical and relevant course includes five, 15-minute lessons:

  • Stand Out: Create a Compelling Account
  • Keep Up: Develop a Powerful Network
  • Share: Craft Content That Works
  • Reach Out: Build Your Strategy
  • Promote: Extend Your Reach
Course Objectives
  • Explain best practices for creating accounts and content.
  • Identify strategies to connect with prospects and customers.
  • Create content that engages.
  • Create a strategy to achieve your communication and marketing objectives.
  • Identify the types of advertising available on Twitter.

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