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Search Engine Optimization

Course Type: Short Online Course
Topics: Marketing & Business Acquisition, Social Media
Language: English


Did you know that more than half the clicks on organic search results go to the first listing? Search engine optimization is a critical way your business can be more visible to people seeking what you have to offer.

In Search Engine Optimization, you’ll learn about the factors that affect search results. And, you’ll identify the best practices that can help you and your business right away.

This practical and relevant course includes five, 15-minute lessons:

  • Search Engines: Drive Traffic
  • On-Page: Maximize Your Site
  • Off-Page: Attract Visitors
  • Mobile Search: Consider Small Screens
  • Best Practices: Contribute to Success
Course Objectives
  • Describe how common search engines work, including how they identify and rank web pages.
  • Identify the factors, both on and off a website, that most affect search rankings.
  • List tactics for creating an optimal mobile experience for users.
  • Explain ways individual marketers can have a postive impact on SEO while avoiding common pitfalls.

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