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SRI 500 — Transforming Retirement Security

Course Type: Course Portal
Topics: Financial Services & Financial Planning, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Business Acquisition, Operations & Administration, Retirement & Annuities
Designations: FSRI
Language: English


This course provides an overview of the current system for delivering retirement security, as well as considerations shaping future directions for the system. Delivered in a media-rich online environment, the course also guides the candidate in exploring a variety of opportunities for improving retirement system outcomes.

This course is currently under development and will be available in 2016.


As a result of completing the course, learners will be able to

  • Explain the achievements of the retirement system in terms of providing secure retirement outcomes; explain the importance of secure retirement outcomes to the economy and society
  • Describe the positive and negative environmental forces that are shaping future retirement outcomes
  • Apply critical thinking, strategic analysis, and decision analysis to understanding the retirement system, its role in our society, and future improvements in retirement system outcomes
  • Identify and discuss incremental improvements now under way and prospects for broadly improving retirement outcomes

Module 1—Retirement System Achievements. Overview of retirement system structure, objectives, and achievements.

Module 2—Improving Retirement Outcomes. Exploration of approaches stakeholders are using for delivering improved retirement system outcomes.

Module 3—Transforming Retirement Security. Exploration of innovations with potential to support broad, dramatic improvements in retirement security.

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