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SRI 230 — Retirement Administration

Course Type: Highly Interactive Online Course, Designation
Topics: Financial Services & Financial Planning, Marketing & Business Acquisition, Operations & Administration, Retirement & Annuities
Designations: ASRI, FSRI
Language: English


Conveniently offered in a highly interactive online format, SRI 230 delivers knowledge about administration functions for existing retirement accounts, products, and plans.

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the primary stakeholders, processes, activities and documents involved in the administration of retail and institutional retirement business
  • Explain the importance of an exceptional customer experience to asset retention and company success and discuss strategies for enhancing the retirement customer experience
  • Discuss the impact of regulation, quality control measures, risk management, and information technology on retirement administration and the customer experience
  • Explain how companies organize resources for retirement administration activities
  • Describe how annuities and IRAs are established and administered
  • Explain the recordkeeping processes for participant accounts in retirement plans
  • Describe the ongoing compliance requirements for retirement plans
  • Discuss the reporting and disclosure activities associated with annuities, IRAs, and retirement plans


  • In-force Retirement Business Activities
    ◦ Beginning when an Account or a Case Takes Effect
    ◦ Continuing to Termination of the Case or Account
  • Business Acquisition and Activities/Functions of Retirement Administration
  • Design of the Customer Experience, Including Behavioral Finance
  • Contact Center Administration and Compliance
  • Routine Maintenance Transactions (All Product Types)
  • Financial Transactions for Individuals
  • Plan Sponsor Service and Transactions
  • Routine Reporting and Disclosure

Module 1: Administration Activities and the Customer Experience

1. Administration Activities

2. The Customer Experience in Retirement Administration

Module 2: Environmental Influences on Retirement Administration

1. Regulation of Retirement Administration

2. Annuity Administration: Processing Premiums and Other Activities 

3. Annuity Administration: Disbursements 

4. Organizing Retirement Administration

Module 3: Annuity and IRA Administration

1. Annuity New Business Processing

2. Financial Transactions for Annuities—Money In and Account Management

3. Financial Transactions for Annuities—Money Out

4. IRA Administration

Module 4: Retirement Plan Administration

1. Enrollment, Contributions, and Participant Investment Changes

2. Administering Distributions from Retirement Plans 

3. Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

4. Reporting and Compliance Activities

Course Format

LOMA’s popular online interactive courses teach important industry concepts through an engaging, highly interactive, multi-media approach that often includes integrated video, audio and scenario-based learning. Online interactive courses are designation courses with integrated exams—the modularized examinations are built right into the course as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment required!

Integrated Exams

Online interactive courses are non-proctored designation courses—the modularized examinations are built right into the course as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment required!

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