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Mobile Marketing

Course Type: Short Online Course
Topics: Marketing & Business Acquisition, Social Media
Language: English


Mobile has the potential to put your brand story in the palm of your audience’s hand. How are you using mobile to engage and inform your customers and prospects?

In Mobile Marketing, you’ll learn how to leverage apps, mobile web, text and video to further your marketing goals.

This practical and relevant course includes five, 15-minute lessons:

  • Trends: Understand Shifting Expectations
  • Apps: Seize Opportunities
  • Web: Embrace Users’ Intent
  • Texting: Tap into Message Marketing
  • Video: Increase Engagement
Course Objectives
  • Describe how consumers are using a variety of mobile devices.
  • Name the types of ads and targeting strategies available with apps.
  • Identify how mobile web ads, search and landing pages can further campaign goals.
  • Identify ways to use text-message advertising successfully.
  • List options and best practices for increasing engagement with video.

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