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LinkedIn for Leaders

Course Type: Short Online Course
Topics: Marketing & Business Acquisition, Social Media
Language: English


As a leader, you excel at reaching out – to your team members, to recruits and to other professionals.

Your ability to network with others and stay informed is critical to your success. And, as a leader, you embody your company — others look to you to learn more about the values of your organization.

In LinkedIn for Leaders, you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn to help you expand your network and your online reputation.

This practical and relevant course includes five, 15-minute lessons:

  • Stand Out: Build a Powerful Profile
  • Connect: Grow Your Network
  • Tune In: Keep Up in a Busy World
  • Share: Be a Thought Leader
  • Reach Out: Promote Your Brand
Course Objectives
  • Explain best practices for creating accounts and content.
  • Identify strategies to connect with colleagues, potential employees and other professionals.
  • Leverage LinkedIn as a tool to stay informed.
  • Identify thought leadership strategies.
  • Identify approaches to grow your network in new ways.

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