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Digital Advertising

Course Type: Short Online Course
Topics: Marketing & Business Acquisition, Social Media
Language: English


These days, 97% of consumers go online to research and find products. And those consumers spend almost 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. Do you know how to best reach them?

In Digital Advertising, you’ll learn how to better target and engage consumers. And, you’ll discover how to connect them directly with your products and services.

This practical and relevant course includes five, 15-minute lessons:

  • Target: Refine Your Audience
  • Campaigns: Build a Strong Foundation
  • Search & Display: Launch Effective Ads
  • Social & Video: Engage Your Audience
  • Metrics: Track and Adjust
Course Objectives
  • Identify the key strengths of digital advertising.
  • Plan campaigns that include success metrics, an optimal pricing strategy and a relevant landing page.
  • Identify options for targeting digital campaigns.
  • Compare and contrast the uses of search, display, social and video advertising.
  • Track campaign performance and adjust your approach.

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