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Flexibility and Convenience

Our learning and education programs are flexible to meet your needs and convenient for your employees. LOMA offers a wide variety of course in several learning formats, including textbook, online, and company-specific programs, that can help create a comprehensive plan to help you ignite your potential!

Relevant Training & Development for Employees at all Levels

LOMA courses will help you develop a fundamental understanding of the industry and your role within your company. With extensive course selections, employees at all levels can continue learning and acquiring new skills to prepare for future challenges in the industry.


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15-Minute Insurance Industry Overview

This course will start new employees off right by helping them understand the importance of insurance companies in providing financial protection and security for individuals and families. Learners will also discover how the insurance company in which they work fits within the larger financial services industry, and explore various types of financial services products, with a focus on life insurance.

AAPA 283 — Marketing, Distribution, and Uses of Annuities

AAPA 283 examines the current market for and uses of annuities. It also describes how annuities are developed, priced, distributed, promoted, and regulated in the United States.

AAPA 303 — Annuity Systems and Administration

AAPA 303 describes the tasks involved in annuity administration and the various internal, regulatory, and market factors that affect these tasks. In addition, the course discusses the important role of information technology in annuity administration.

AAPA 313 — Financial Aspects of Annuities

AAPA 313 describes the process that financial services firms use to develop and design annuity products. This course also covers financial concepts important to annuities, such as risk and return in investments, various asset types, future and present values, techniques for testing annuity profitability, principles of annuity mortality, annuity reserves, and annuity expense charges.

AAPA 323 — Regulation and Taxation of Annuities

AAPA 323 describes the state and federal laws and regulations governing insurance companies, producers, and annuity products in the United States and how insurers comply with these laws and regulations. The text also describes how income, gift, and estate taxes affect annuities.

ACS 100 — Foundations of Customer Service

ACS 100 provides a comprehensive introduction to customer service in a financial services environment. The course explores the knowledge and skills employees need to understand and deliver exceptional customer service.

ACS 101 — Customer Service for Insurance Professionals

ACS 101 is an online course that uses a variety of media to provide a comprehensive overview of the role of customer service in insurance and financial services organizations and the skills service providers need to deliver exceptional customer service.

AIRC 411 — The Regulatory Environment for Life Insurance

AIRC 411 discusses the compliance function in a life insurance company and how the state and federal governments regulate life insurance companies operating in the United States. Content is specific to U.S. laws and regulations.

AIRC 421 — Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales & Operations

AIRC 421 explains state and federal regulation of life insurance and annuity product design. The course also describes the regulation of life company operations, including underwriting, claims, reinsurance, market analysis and examinations. Content is specific to U.S. laws and regulations.

ARA 440 — Reinsurance Administration

ARA 440 shows how reinsurance strengthens the insurance industry and increases the likelihood that insurance companies will have sufficient funds to pay anticipated claims. It also discusses reinsurance principles, regulation, typical provisions in a reinsurance agreement, the administration of reinsurance business, and the importance of quality control for reinsurance.

Insurance Immersion

U.S. Program

An instructor-led, activity based, immersive program that provides the essential knowledge and tools for professionals transitioning to the life insurance industry.

Insurance Immersion

Canadian Program

An instructor-led, activity based, immersive program that provides the essential knowledge and tools for professionals transitioning to the life insurance industry.

Insurance Wealth Course

This full-day program for Canadian insurance professionals covers insurance wealth products — including segregated funds and annuitites — and how these products meet customers' retirement income needs.

Life Insurance Accounting Course

An industry-specific program designed for managers in the Canadian marketplace who want to gain an understanding of the complexities of accounting and financial reporting processes in the life insurance industry.

Life Insurance Company Taxation Course

In response to recent changes and challenges, LOMA Canada partners with PwC Canada to present the Life Insurance Company Taxation Course to meet the needs of the Canadian life and health insurance industry.

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